Tuesday, February 9, 2016

However, I realized that I am doing myself harm as well. One cannot put out fires with more fire. As simple and straightforward that may seem, such simplicity is rather crucial to maintaining a peaceful, healthy, healing, fruitful goodness of life.
So, one must put out racist, discriminatory fires with coolness, instead of the fires of insulting rebuttal. Despite the constant incessant discrimination-per-second attacks, one must defend oneself through coolness instead of fire.
So, when someone insults my deafness, I simply must say: "I am awesome and highly cultured, a high-brow intellectual, with extraordinary literacy, a fine arts education, a master ninja, a Playboy MasterSpy, a Handsome Casanova, a talented artist, and even though Im deaf, I make electronic music, and that is excellent".
So, from now on when I have a cognitive disorder in which I have a barrage of bad memories of deaf discrimination, I must simply put out the fires with exalting myself with heraldic titles and splendor.